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Elevate Your Potential and Add Weight to Your Resume

At Evoastra Ventures, we offer internship programs designed to provide students with hands-on experience in data science, AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics. Our internship programs are tailored to help students develop practical skills and gain valuable insights into the industry.

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Open Positions

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Hands-On Experience

Interns have the opportunity to work on real projects and tasks, gaining practical experience that complements their academic learning.

Professional Development

Interns receive mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals, helping them grow both personally and professionally.

Prestigious Certificates

Upon successful completion of our internship programs, students receive a Certificate of Completion, a Project Completion Letter, and a Letter of Recommendation.

Why Choose Our Internship?

Learn the best skills with our experts

  • Industry Exposure: Interns are exposed to the latest trends and technologies in data science and AI, enhancing their knowledge and skills.

  • Inspiring Environment: Join a dynamic team where innovation thrives, ideas are celebrated, and collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. Your voice matters here.

  • Networking Opportunities: Interns have the chance to network with industry professionals, building valuable connections for their future careers.

  • Endless Possibilities: Whether you dream of revolutionizing industries or creating cutting-edge solutions, our internship programs will equip you with the skills and confidence to turn your dreams into reality.

What our interns say about us

“Evoastra Ventures provided me with the opportunity to work on meaningful projects that had a real impact. The team was supportive and encouraging, and I learned so much during my time there. I'm grateful for the experience and the skills I've gained.”

Pranav Kadam, ML Intern

Nominal Fees

This Internship Requires you to pay nominal fees of INR 899 If you get selected for the Position

We believe in making top-quality education and practical experience accessible to all aspiring data science and AI professionals. Our internship program is designed to provide you with hands-on experience, mentorship from industry experts, and a solid foundation in data science, machine learning, and AI.

To ensure that our program is inclusive, we charge a nominal fee for participation. This fee covers the cost of course materials, access to cutting-edge tools and technologies, and personalized guidance throughout your internship. By keeping our fees nominal, we aim to democratize education and empower more individuals to advance their careers in this rapidly evolving field.

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Take your career to the next level

Please read the Nominal fees section above before you apply for a position with us.


Our Impact till now

All Your Questions are Answered

  • Why do you charge for internships?
    While our internship is free for you, we charge a fee to ensure top-notch training, mentorship, and real-world projects. This investment guarantees you valuable learning and equips you with the skills to excel in your career. Join us for an enriching journey towards success!
  • What are the durations of your internships?
    Our internships typically last 1.5 months or 45days. During this time, you will have the opportunity to work on real-world projects, receive mentorship from industry experts, and gain valuable skills that will help you advance in your career.
  • Who should apply for your internships?
    Our internships are open to anyone who is interested in gaining valuable work experience in the field of computer science. Whether you are a student looking to supplement your studies or a professional seeking a career change, our internships can provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.
  • In which domains do you provide internships?
    We provide internships in vaeious domains. Whether you are interested in data science, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, or web development, we have internships that can help you gain hands-on experience in your chosen field.
  • Will I be working on real projects during the internship?
    Yes, interns are assigned real projects but these projects do not contribute to the company's goals and objectives.
  • Do I need to have prior experience to apply for an internship?
    While prior experience is beneficial, it is not always required. We welcome applications from candidates with varying levels of experience.
  • What are the eligibility criteria for the internships?
    The eligibility criteria vary depending on the internship. Generally, we look for candidates who are enthusiastic, eager to learn, and have a passion for the field.
  • What is the selection process for the internships?
    The selection process typically involves reviewing applications, conducting interviews, and assessing candidates based on their skills and qualifications.
  • Can I apply for more than one internship?
    Yes, you can apply for multiple internships. However, we recommend focusing on the internship that aligns best with your interests and skills.
  • Will I receive a certificate after completing the internship?
    Yes, upon successful completion of the internship, you will receive three certificates highlighting your achievements and contributions.
  • Are the internships remote or on-site?
    Our internships are currently remote, allowing interns to work from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Are there any opportunities for full-time employment after the internship?
    Yes, outstanding interns may be offered full-time employment opportunities based on their performance during the internship.
  • Do you provide any learning resources or training during the internship?
    Yes, we provide interns with access to learning resources, training materials, and mentorship to help them succeed in their roles.
  • Can I work on my own projects during the internship?
    While interns are encouraged to work on projects assigned to them, there may be opportunities to work on independent projects with mentor guidance.
  • Will I have a mentor during the internship?
    Yes, each intern is assigned a mentor who will provide guidance, support, and feedback throughout the internship.
  • What is the expected time commitment for the internships?
    The time commitment for the internships varies but is typically around 20-30 hours per week.
  • Are there any networking opportunities available during the internship?
    Yes, interns have the opportunity to network with professionals in the industry through virtual events, workshops, and webinars.
  • Can I extend my internship if I want to continue?
    Yes, in some cases, interns may have the opportunity to extend their internship based on performance and availability.
  • Do I need to have a specific educational background to apply for an internship?
    While a relevant educational background is preferred, we welcome applications from candidates with diverse academic backgrounds.
  • What support will I receive during the internship?
    Interns receive ongoing support from their mentors, supervisors, and the HR team to ensure a positive and productive experience.
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